Frequently Asked Questions

What would I use this service for?

Anything where you would value talking to a peer. This may cover topics such as:

•         your psychological well being;

•         life stressors and changes; 

•         relationship problems;

•         fatigue;

•         work/life balance; 

•         bereavement;

•         sim check worries; 

•         work pressures; 

•         colleague concerns; 

•         career options; 

•         financial problems;

•         health concerns;

•         etc. 

The trained peers are there for you: your wellbeing as a person and as a pilot, air traffic controller (ATCO) or flight service operator. While they cannot act on your behalf, provide expert opinion, advice or even ‘fix’ your problem, what makes them superbly qualified is that they are pilots and ATCO's like you. They have all had further/advanced training in supporting fellow aviators and they in turn are supported by an independent psychologists. They are willing to listen to you, understand your challenges and help you figure it out (or at least point you in the right direction).


How bad do things need to get for me to contact PAN?

Like most things, it is better to deal with problems and talk to others before they start to boil over. Things needn’t get to a crisis point before you contact us. In fact, the sooner you do, the better we can support you.

Occasionally though, life can feel especially tough and overwhelming - and as a peer support network, that is what we are here for.


How does this service work - in brief?

Call the 0800-PAN-100 line to start a confidential chat.

The initial conversation will be to understand how we can best help you - or which direction to point you in. You may have a specific request for guidance or information, or you may be seeking support on a particular challenge you are facing. Either way, we are here for you.


Can I talk to a peer about operational frustrations - and will they feed it back to the company?

If it is getting you down to the extent to which it is intruding on your psychological well being - then we are here to support you. As this is a confidential service, we will not send feedback to the company about this issue. What we can do though, is direct you to places where you have a better chance of being heard.


I'm concerned about a colleague, can I contact this service?

It is always better for people themselves to make contact with this service. However, sometimes they are too fearful to do so, or have lost perspective on the impact that this is having on their performance or those they work with. 

If you believe that their situation has an immediate safety implication, then you are obliged to act directly - as many of your colleagues would. 

However, if you believe the impact is more ‘slow burning’, cumulative or may put a less experienced or assertive colleague in a potentially difficult position, then we suggest discussing this through with PAN. We don't need names and can help with how to approach this type of situation.

And having read this you are still wondering whether you should, contact us anyway. That is what we are here for!


I know about some great resources that I think would be helpful to other pilots. Can I send you them?


We would love to hear about this. This is a service for pilots by pilots and it can only get better. Get in touch.

How do I complain about this service?

Is PAN confidential?